“Kel Shares Because Kel Cares!”

Kindness and Empowering Life Lessons

In a world that’s focused on negativity and glorifies it, I believe we can shine a spotlight on the good that is happening and not recognized. I want to spread more positive news, inspiration not only in my small space in the world but beyond.

As a professional counselor in the field for almost 12 years, and an expert at living life, I’ve encountered plenty of discouragement, hurt and pain throughout  the years both professionally and personally. I want to provide a place where love,  support and positivity reigns supreme in the way we talk, walk and think as we live our lives more intentionally with positivity at the forefront.

Recent Episodes

Building and Maintaining A Positive Self-Image

Hi! I’m Kel ! I’m so excited and blessed to be doing the K.E.L.Shares podcast! It has literally been a dream come true! I wanted to tell you how all of this came about…who inspired me, what the general content of the podcast will be about, when I came up with the concept, where I see this show going and why it was important for me to bring this to life!  I invite you to join me each week to get your dose of K.E.L…..Kindness, Empowerment and Life lessons!

The 3 S's of Handling the Effects of the Pandemic of 2020

2020 was penned as the year of abundance and transformation. I know nobody expected we’d be experiencing anything like this. This time has proven to be very unpredictable with it’s own set of challenges with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Kel decided to record a bonus episode of the podcast focusing on the three S’s or ways that you can navigate through the pandemic by maintaining or keeping your sanity, your stability and also making sure to help those who need it the most by serving.

Mayday! Mayday! Save Yourself: The Importance of Setting Boundaries in Every Part of your Life

In a world that’s fast paced, it seems that everything that is going on outside of ourselves is takes precedence—our jobs/careers, friends, family, organization/religion, etc. It can become overwhelming and often you lose sight of yourself. It starts to impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this episode, I want to share my personal story of setting boundaries and how you can learn to set healthy boundaries in every area of your life.

It's My son's 6th birthday: Reflections of his life and living with Autism

Yay! I’m so excited to talk about my son’s birthday that was the last day of April! (April 30th). I give some insight by reflecting on the past 6 years and also honor him by giving some tips and sharing our experiences in navigating through his challenges with Autism. I get a little emotional talking about it, so please excuse me!

Empowerment is motivation without comparisons, competition or complaints.

Meet-Ups & Groups

Experience Kel Shares LIVE by participating in Meet-ups and Groups. Kelisa brings her expertise and compassion and engages with her community during Meet-ups that focus on varioius life issues. You can also participate in Groups that support and enlighten individuals with the tools needed to live the life your deserve. Below are just a few ways Kel Shares.

Autism Support Group

Join this support group for parents, loved ones those who are village keepers for autism community; resources, education, spreading awareness, events, trainings, and seminars for autistic children ages 5-17(different groups)

Wonderful Women Who Win

This group id for women who want to come together and have support and accountability; who’ve been through struggles, trauma, who share experiences and learn how to be vulnerable with others and not carry the weight by themselves. Consider coming out for fun, spiritual encouragement, social activities, retreats, outings, and seminars.

Teens Who Triumph

Bring your teens out to take partin our teen summit where teens talk about issues that concern them. It’s a guided diaologue where teens can encourage one another or simply learn mechanisms to help them succeed in life.

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