Meet-Ups & Groups

Experience KelShares LIVE by participating in Meet-ups and Groups. Kelisa brings her expertise and compassion and engages with her community during Meet-ups that focus on varioius life issues. 

Autism Support Group

Join this support group for parents, loved ones those who are village keepers for autism community; resources, education, spreading awareness, events, trainings, and seminars for autistic children ages 5-17(different groups)

Wonderful Women Who Win

This group id for women who want to come together and have support and accountability; who’ve been through struggles, trauma, who share experiences and learn how to be vulnerable with others and not carry the weight by themselves. Consider coming out for fun, spiritual encouragement, social activities, retreats, outings, and seminars.

Teens Who Triumph

Bring your teens out to take partin our teen summit where teens talk about issues that concern them. It’s a guided diaologue where teens can encourage one another or simply learn mechanisms to help them succeed in life.

Nothing less than giving your very best is good enough!

Contact Kelisa

Rising Heights Counseling Center
Griffin, GA
(678) 967-0328