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Are you looking for a speaker that can captivate your audience with her authentic passion coupled with her immersive experience? Then consider inviting Kelisa to speak at your next event or as a guest on your podcast or show.

Kelisa speaks to a variety of audiences and is professionally trained to speak on an array of topics. She is engaging and has a gift for moving audiences to take action to improve their life and Make an Impact that Lasts. Take a look at her most requested topics below and then submit a request to receive her media package.

Empowerment is motivation without comparisons, competition or complaints.

Kelisa’s Most Requested Topics

Women's Empowerment

Empowering women to take control of their lives and to live theĀ  best versions of themselves while in service to others.

Autism Awareness

Shining the light on the world of those that have and also those that care for those that live with autism each day.

Trauma & Anger Management

Sharing tools, tips, and resources with those that have experience trauma or who are dealing with anger issues.

Anxiety & Depression

Providing coping mechanisms and skills that can help alleviate or surpress feelings of anxiety or depression.

Spirituality & Trauma

Demonstrating how spirituality plays a vital part in healing and coping with the issues surrounding trauma.

Healthy Relationships

Encouraging healthy relationships between couples, families, and work environments with the insights and tips.

Contact Kelisa

Rising Heights Counseling Center
Griffin, GA
(678) 967-0328